It was important to us in creating Bone Vivant that we honor the earth, our resources and their impact on our planet.  Our goal at Bone Vivant is to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable.  We are committed to raising awareness around sustainability in our industry and to produce our collections in a way that has a fraction of the environmental impact generated by most other fashion pet brands.

We believe sophistication and sustainability can actually coexist and therefore use upcycled / recycled fabrics and vegan leathers in our products.  "Upcycling" / recycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming unwanted goods into new products of finer quality. Our vegan leather collection further highlights our mindfulness around not using animal skins. All of our vegan leathers are made of polyurethane which is a safer alternative to PVC because it doesn't emit carcinogenic dioxin, nor is it filled with harsh chemicals.  A percentage of polyurethane is recycled which also allows for a lower carbon footprint. 

Our unique styles and exclusive designs combined with our materials make us distinctive in the pet industry today.   We manufacture most of our products right here in Los Angeles and we ship the majority of our orders in 100% recyclable, Eco Natural packaging.

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